• I just want to say, your webinars have been incredibly helpful. I'm already applying so much of what I've learnt from you in helping my daughter with her homework. The information has been invaluable! And I'm looking forward to learning more in some of your future sessions.

    April 2021

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    I completed the scorecard dyslexia screening and Paloma got in touch within 48 hours to offer to speak to me about next steps. My son's school won't screen or do anything! Paloma has a wealth of wisdom and experience and discussed with me the screening process and what to do next. You simply have to get in touch with her!!

    Michelle Garner – (May, 2023)

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    My daughter has been tutored by Paloma for the past two years. Our journey with her started with the screening process. I urge any parent who is worried their child maybe dyslexic to just contact Paloma and get your child screened.

    Angela Leahy – (May 2023)

  • First, I'd like to thank you for an extremely interesting and formative webinar the other week on supporting Dyslexic children. Your strategies prove it's not difficult to support them whether they have a formal diagnosis or not.

    L. Brewin
    February 2021

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    The dyslexia screening quiz was my first step in going on my child's journey. I have known for a long while that my daughter is struggling and has a likelihood of dyslexia. Paloma Forde knows her stuff and I thoroughly recommend that you meet her after the dyslexia screening quiz to discuss/talk through next steps! Invaluable support and advice.

    Stacey Evans – (May, 2023)

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    My wife and I both knew that by me having dyslexia that our first child when he started to show similar signs it was only a matter of time to get him tested We found Paloma through a friend and decided to start the process through screening and of course the scorecard. Her professionalism is second to none and sound advice as well as expertise helped through the start of our journey. Thank you Paloma.

    Colin Richards – (March 2023)

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    Paloma landed in our world through a friend. We checked out website and of course the scorecard. Within 48 hours, I got a friendly phone call and Paloma was telling me all about the whole screening process. After the screening, Paloma took her time to explain the outcome page as well as what to say to the school. Her expertise and knowledge is incredible.

    Sara Harmans – (March 2023)

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    Paloma knows her stuff and I can't thank her enough. I felt like nobody was listening to me at school. Completing the scoreapp and then have a friendly conversation led me on to getting a dyslexia screening. My son was showing severe signs of dyslexia and now the school are finally listening to me.

    Kate Hall – (Jan 2023)

  • And once again thank you for your work and dedication. The day we met you was the biggest step on our way to get the support that Kuba needs and I will be forever grateful for that.

    A. Mason
    February 2021