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Paloma Forde is a leading educational professional in the world of Special Educational Needs.

Her career spans 26 years. She is a teacher, consultant, educational trainer, speaker and author. She is the founder of both Dyslexia Support Services & The Tutoring Revolution!

Teacher, specialised study skills tutor, speaker, author, training provider and speaker.

Paloma  Forde has been supporting kids with dyslexia and additional special educational needs for 26 years. She has dedicated her whole career to both teaching, training and supporting others.

She has worked across ALL educational sectors including currently working at both a primary school and at her local university.   Paloma was asked to speak at the National Dyslexia Show both in 2022 and again this year and  is being invited back next year to speak and provide interactive workshops.

Paloma is the founder of www.dyslexiasupportservices.co.uk which has been recognised for its dedication to dyslexia by both BBC's Theo Pathitis, winning Small Business Sunday and the late Jacqueline Gold's Women In Business Awards.

Her passion and drive to help the early detection of dyslexia is paramount.  Paloma firmly believes that with the right tools, resources and support, ANY child with dyslexia can be successful!

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She has received recognition for her services by BBC's Theo Pathitis and CBE Jacqueline Gold!